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2D animation the way you like it

Come to us with all your 2D animation aspirations. Not only do we have a little black book of the best riggers and animators around, but we also love any excuse to do anything hand-drawn. So, whether you’re on a tight schedule, or you’d like us to take our time adding a bit more ‘swoosh’ to that swooshy tail, we’re up for the challenge.

A selection of our work

There’s a reason why BRC has turned to Eyebolls time and again. Where other studios often tell us, “That can’t be done,” Eyebolls says, “Yes we can!” — and they back it up with results. Their creativity and mastery of visual storytelling is matched by their equally strong production management and problem-solving skills. They are highly collaborative and, on top of it all, a joy to work with. 

Matthew Solari, VP Creative & Story, BRC Imagination Arts


Characters and

Unique characters in magical places

We won’t stop until your characters are ready for the world to love them. Together we’ll hand-pick the perfect combination of traits to make them unforgettably original every time. But what’s a character without their world? You can count on us for producing top quality backgrounds that set the scene too.

Characters and Environments - Character Design

Some of our Characters

Eyebolls were a great team to work with for our series for under 6s. They fully grasped the design feel we were after and produced really beautiful characters and backgrounds. Processes and communication were slick and I hope to work with the team again in the future. 

Jennifer Redmond, Producer, BBC

Some of Our Environments

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